Innokin – Sensis



The Innokin Sensis is brilliantly designed and packed with many vaping features. With a large 3000mAh battery, the Sensis can output up to 40W of power for all-day vaping, while the stunning colour screen displays your key vape information with a simple glance. USB-C charging is also included for fast and efficient charging

The Sensis has a variety of features, such as the new Coil+ mode, which will automatically prime the coil at the end of each inhalation. This is achieved by reducing the output to 40% of the currently selected wattage for 0.4s at the end of each vape. This draws in more e-liquid ready for the next inhalation. Refresh mode allows vapers to manually ‘refresh’ the coil in-between vaping to help provide better wicking and extend coil life.

Kit includes

1 x Innokin Sensis mod
1 x Sensis pod
2 x Sceptre coils
1 x MTL mouthpiece
1 x Coil base
1 x O-ring set
1 x USB-C charging cable
1 x User manual


Carbon, Desert Brown, Jet Black, Navy Blue, Ultra Black